Precision cut processing technology

A shear plane and a fracture surface occur in the sheared surface with the conventional press machining. A method call Fine Blanking (FB) can be used to make the whole sheared surface without fracture surfaces. However, the facility cost is expensive for this method and incurs maintenance costs, and the machining price becomes costly for its slow production speed. Our company has established a unique technique which allows the machining of precision shearing to be equal or greater than that of FB using a regular press machine and contributed to the reduction of cost.

By the use of this technology, products which required lathing after press machining, such as thrust load bearing washers for bearing, are able to be made only with press machining (lathing-less).


A lathing-less VA product manufactured by precision shearing machining.

Thickness 2.7mm

Material SK85

Outer diameter φ46 Inner diameter φ30

[Machining results]
Thickness Up to 4.5mm
Material SK85、SUJ2、JSH440, etc.