Heat Treating Technology

Our company is equipped with a continuous Austemper furnace and a continuous OQT (Oil Quench Temper) furnace.

Austemper treatment is done by heating the material above the transformation point of that of steel and quenching it to an appropriate temperature (usually 300~400 degrees Celsius) and maintain it in that temperature for a fixed time (isothermal transformation).
The formation made by this process is called Bainite, and is tougher than the steel which has been quenched and tempered. Further, since the deformation caused by heat treatment is relatively small, this heat treating method is suitable for thin leaf springs.
However, even though there are merits as the above, it is not suitable for tempering thick materials, and to secure required hardness for thick materials, it must be treated by oil quench tempering.

The continuous furnace continuously processes the product from inserting the product, heating, tempering to annealing. Therefore a large quantity of products can be heat treated with a stable quality.